About Us

The brand CLIFFORD FRANKLIN was established in Atlanta, GA in 2013. The vision of CLIFFORD FRANKLIN was born in 1973 at the birth of it lead designer and owner.

“Every man is born a gentleman. As we grew, life allowed us the luxury of forgetting this simple fact. There comes a time when the light comes on and we know that we are supposed to be more just a man. We are supposed to evolve into something more.  We are suppose to be gentlemen. “ ~ Clifford F. Robinson, Jr. 

All of our unique designs have been carefully chosen and will continuously be inspired by the traditional hand-made tailoring work. We limit our creations to give our wearers the privilege of exclusivity.  Combining sophisticated craftsmanship, modern inspiration with the timeless style of southern charm, one of CLIFFORD FRANKLIN main visions is to encourage gentlemen of all ages to participate in this enriching and timeless lifestyle of sporting stylish neck wear.

It is ok not to be the most physically attractive man in the room, but you should always strive to be the most stylish man in the room.” ~ Clifford F. Robinson, Jr. 

Our ambitions will always be the same: to improve men’s fashion and to carry on a sense of an inherited style. We stand behind quality, comfort and expressive collections and the philosophy is to always supply all gentlemen with a timeless style of traditional accessories with a modern twist.

Each of the CLIFFORD FRANKLIN designs are inspired by the principles of the modern gentleman:

- Personal growth

- Self reliance

- Character

- Self-love

- Integrity

- Philanthropy

- Unique Style 

Along with great customer service, CLIFFORD FRANKLIN offers domestic shipping USPS priority, and easy service for returns and exchanges.  Express delivery is available.

CLIFFORD FRANKLIN offers style suggestions on its blog, The Gentleman’s Note

We hope that you enjoy our creations as much as we enjoyed crafting them and presenting them to you.

Remember... being a gentleman is lifestyle.